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Veterinary Services in Raleigh and Garner, NC

State of the Art Digital X-Rays

Just like in human medicine, accidents can happen to animals that require X-Rays to look for a broken bone, dislocated joint, pneumonia, etc. With digital x-rays, we can get an immediate picture that decreases the amount of time between injury and treatment. Unlike human hospitals, our doctors are able to interpret X-Rays immediately after they are taken to allow the best possible care for your pet.

Dental X-Rays

Nearly 60% of dental disease occurs below the gum line. Digital dental x-rays allow us to get a complete picture of what is happening in your pet’s mouth in a matter of minutes. If there are any problems at the root of the tooth we can detect it early and remove the problem before it causes any health concerns.

Soft Tissue Surgery

Our veterinarian is proficient in almost any soft tissue surgery. Whether it is a pre-planned mass removal or emergency exploratory surgery, she is ready and able to provide excellent care for your pet. Over the years, she has performed nearly every abdominal surgery and is comfortable with even the most intense cases.

Wellness and Preventative Medicine

This is perhaps the most important aspect of our clinic. We believe that an ounce of prevention goes a long way to keep your pet happy and healthy for a long time. We all want our animals to live forever and we will do everything in our power to help them feel their best while they are with us.


Dental disease doesn’t just cause bad breath; the bacteria that live under tartar can actually damage the liver, kidneys and heart. Therefore, we emphasize routine dental care and regular cleanings to ensure that your pet stays healthy. It can be difficult to brush an animal’s teeth daily and therefore regular cleanings become imperative to their well-being.

Senior Wellness Programs

Just like humans, as animals age they can start to have changes in their body that require a little extra attention. We monitor yearly bloodwork to ensure that all organ systems are functioning at their best and if necessary make dietary or other changes to help improve their function. We also screen for arthritis and offer ways to help the aging pet move like they are young again.

Spay/Neuter Surgery

Pet overpopulation is a huge problem in North Carolina and we want to do everything in our power to help prevent this issue from worsening. Not only is it the responsible decision for almost every pet, but it can actually prevent serious illness such as mammary or testicular cancer. Our veterinarian has performed over 10,000 spays and neuters and is able to make a small incision to help decrease recovery time and discomfort.

Emergency and Critical Care

Accidents happen every day. Whether it is something as simple as a pulled muscle to an animal that has been hit by a car, we are here to help. With 5+ years of emergency experience, our veterinarian is able to handle almost any situation. We are also equipped to deal with critical illness that can arise unexpectedly or as a result of an ongoing disease.

Management of Long Term Conditions

Just like humans, animals can get illnesses that require long term management. Some of these can include diseases of the thyroid, liver disease, kidney disease, heart disease, diabetes, etc. Veterinary medicine has made great strides in learning to manage animals with these diseases and our veterinarian is ready to help you manage your pet to provide the best possible care and comfort. Many times there are very simple things that can be done to improve your pet’s quality of life.

Advanced Diagnostics

We are able to perform diagnostics right in the hospital. From blood pressure readings to EKG’s to full eye exams that include ability to check for glaucoma, our staff is ready to assess your pet and make sure their care is everything you could expect from a hospital.

In-House Pharmacy

For your convenience, we offer most necessary prescriptions at a low price.

Full In-House Laboratory

In house bloodwork allows us to quickly assess critical patients without having to wait for an outside lab. With our equipment we can have a general overview of all of the major organ systems (liver, kidneys, etc.) including white blood cell count, tests for anemia, and urinalysis within 30 minutes of presentation. This allows us to treat critical animals is a timely and targeted manner. We can also perform screening bloodwork on the morning of surgery to ensure that it is safe for your pet to undergo the procedure.